Documents List :

Documents required by Indian Embassy, Consulate for Recruitment of Indian Personnel in Group :

  • Power of Attorney ( In Duplicate )
  • Demand Letter
  • Specimen Work Agreement for each category of personnel ( In Duplicate )
  • Undertaking in case of un-skilled / semi-skilled workers
  • Company’s contact details and brief history. (All the above documents need to be printed Company’s / Employer’s Letterhead )
  • Permit from Indian Mission in country of Employment
  • Scanned copy of Valid License (Registration Certificate) of the Indian Recruiting Agent.
  • Original Trade License / C.R. of Company in country of Employment and one photocopy thereof.
  • Permit / Approval from the Ministry of Labour / Naturalization and Residency Department / Free Zone Authority with English translation
  • Photocopy of the passport of the authorized signatory of the company.
  • Legal Authorization of the sponsor in case paper signed other than sponsor.


Demand Letters




L & T

Know all menby these present that L & T
organized under the Laws of Bahrain do
hereby appoint M/s Golden Manpower
Consultants to be their true and lawful
attorney and agent in respect of handling
all the affairs with Ministry of Labour,
War Individuals & Social Affairs in
connection with recruitment of workers
for our Riffa Views projects in Bahrain.